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Create a Safe Bathroom Environment with Bathroom Safety Products

Most of us probably donít give much thought to the danger that lurks in our bathroom. The bathroom is one of the main locations in the home where accidents occur. When you combine slippery floors, an abundance of water, electrical outlets and prescription medicines, you are bound to have accidents. While you canít prevent every accident from occurring, you can certainly take important safety precautions to diminish the amount of accidents that do occur. Bathroom safety can be greatly increased with the following inexpensive and easily attainable bathroom safety products.

Inside the Shower or Bath

Installing a few simple bathroom safety products inside the shower space can greatly reduce accidents and injuries. Shower baskets ensure that all of your hygiene products are in one location in the shower, out of the way of your feet, while easily within reach. With a corner shower basket, you wonít have to worry about slipping on your soap or tripping over your shampoo in the shower ever again. This simple, convenient addition to the bathroom creates an infinite amount of bathroom safety, while adding a decorative look to the shower space. In addition, a grab bar in the shower can make the difference between slipping and actually falling. While most people assume that grab bars are only for the elderly or infirm, they are an excellent addition to any shower or bath. Use a shower grab bar when entering and exiting the space. Hold onto it while shaving your legs, while soaping up and when you feel yourself slipping.

Entering and Exiting the Shower or Bath

There are also safety precautions that you can make directly outside of the shower or bath. Purchase non-slip bath maps that you can place right outside of the shower space. These should have non-skid bottoms on them, which ensure that they wonít slide out from under you as you exit the shower. These inexpensive mats allow you to exit the tub or shower without worrying that you will slip on your tile or trip on your wet feet. Similarly, add safety grab bars on the outside of the bath or shower. This is a perfect place for a bathroom grab bar, creating a secure location for you to hold onto something while exiting the shower.

Other Additions in the Bathroom

In addition to the important bathroom safety products inside and near the tub, there are other products that will make your bathroom experience safer. Keep your bathrobe and your towel off of the floor and away from your feet with the addition of bathroom hooks and shower rods. Bathroom hooks come in a huge range of styles, sizes and materials, allowing homeowners to pick exactly the right items for their needs and uses. Shower rods elevate towels off of the floor or tub basin, ensuring that you donít trip on them while exiting the tub and that you always know where your towel can be found.

These helpful bathroom safety products and safety tips should ensure a more protected environment in the bathroom. In under one hour, you can transform your bathroom space into one that is safer, more aesthetically pleasing and more comfortable for everyone in the house.

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