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Tips to Find Great Brass Bathroom Accessories

Any bathroom can be made more inviting and lovely with the right bathroom accessories. Most people have their bathroom hardware in order; if they love brass, then they’ve purchased a toilet paper holder, a towel bar or towel ring and other essential brass bathroom items. What they have not yet purchased, however, is the little extra brass bathroom accessories that make the bathroom look complete and function to its capacity.

If you own, or plan to buy, brass bathroom hardware, then make sure to shop for brass bathroom accessories. There are a wealth of brass accessories that can add form, function and beauty to the bathroom and make the look complete. Many name brand companies, including Smedbo, Alno, and others, manufacture high quality brass bathroom accessories that are durable, decorative and affordable.

First, add the brass soap dish to your décor. A brass soap dish adds a regal look of elegance to the bathroom counter, as it simultaneously encourages hygiene. Enjoy various rich smelling soaps in this space, using the brass soap dish as a vehicle for further self expression and added décor. Many brass soap dishes have beautiful, intricate details as part of their finish, and they will create a unifying look with brass bathroom hardware.

Another great accent piece is the brass bathroom mirror. Since virtually anyone who comes into the bathroom will admire herself in the bathroom mirror, this is a great location to add to your décor and finish choice. A bathroom mirror serves to make the bathroom look larger, as it adds a decorative touch to the space. A mirror with a brass frame will compliment the other brass hardware and accessories in the bathroom and add the perfect extra touch.

Finally, select a cup holder from the large collection of brass cup holders available on the market today. Placed on the back wall above the sink, a cup holder adds a practical element to the bathroom as it highlights the décor. Brass cup holders help to save space on the counter top, as they highlight the sparkling gold hue inherent in the hardware selections.

With the addition of a few brass bathroom accessories, any bathroom can be transformed into a regal, sparkling location. Matching even one brass bathroom accessory with brass hardware creates a unifying look and a decorative appearance for any size bathroom.

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