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How to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

In todayís busy world, most of us have few moments alone to really relax and unwind. Considering that our time in the bathroom is one of the few precious moments of the day when we get to be alone, it pays to make the bathroom as comfortable and serene as possible. If properly organized and designed the bathroom can truly become an oasis of serenity in the midst of a busy day. Your time in the bathroom can become an escape from the troubles of the world with just a few easy steps.

Unfortunately the main obstacle for most people is that they lack sufficient bathroom space to really enjoy themselves. While youíre reaching for the towel, you knock over the soap is too familiar an episode. Here are some basic tips to redesign and redecorate your bathroom to make the most of your space and to make your small bathroom look and feel bigger and more serene.

  1. Choose pale, soft pastel colors schemes for walls and shower curtain. Cool, light colors will make the room feel bigger right away and will give it a feeling of serenity. If you want to bring in some bright colors save it for the rug and towels but keep the walls neutral.

  2. Although most bathrooms have mirrors, a larger nickel bathroom mirror will help to expand and brighten up the space. An oval mirror will provide a warmer feel, whereas a rectangular mirror is more sleek and modern looking.

  3. In terms of lighting a dim, warm light such as a bathroom sconce can give the bathroom a more exotic, relaxing aura for a late night bath or shower, although itís also important to have bright incandescent lighting as well for a morning pick-me-up shower.

  4. Finally, perhaps the most important point is that people often own a bulky sink that takes up valuable floor space, juts into the room, and yet doesnít provide sufficient work space at the same time. When it comes to the bathroom sink, a modern vanity sink is a great use of space and will keep the room looking elegant. Bathroom vanities traditionally have room for storage underneath, but in a small bathroom there might not be enough floor space to allow for this luxury. Therefore we recommend a delicate glass vanity sink. The glass counter of a modern vanity sink is perfect for increased storage and comfort, and the glass provides a light, airy feel that will not only increase the practicality of the space, but also the beauty. Towels and cleaning supplies can be stored in another room or placed on out of the way wall shelves instead. Try a wall mounted vanity sink to save valuable floor space or a corner vanity sink to help make use of an awkward corner.

These easy suggestions will help to provide a complete pick-me-up for any bathroom, adding the feeling of space, serenity, and comfort. Make your bathroom into a haven of tranquility to give you strength to maximize your performance during the busy day.

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